Risk Assessments for homeowners & landowners in Beloit, WI

Trees can get very large and very heavy. Sometimes trees fail and unfortunately, collapse. When a tree falls, or its branches, it can pose a serious threat to people or property in its path. The failure of trees is predictable. Tree Wise Men can assess the risk of failure of trees on your property with the safety of your family and property in mind.

Preventing Tree Damage to Your Home and Property

We say that no tree is completely safe. Trees contribute greatly to the value, beauty, and comfort of any residential property; however, given their potentially massive size and weight, they also pose a potential liability. Trees that are not well maintained, are damaged, or are diseased can topple over or drop large branches without warning, causing serious injury to any unlucky home, car, or person in its path.


What Does a Tree Assessment Include?

A professional hazardous tree assessment encompasses the following steps:

  • The arborist assesses any potential targets around and under the tree in question, such as houses, sidewalks, vehicles, or other trees.
  • The arborist thoroughly examines the tree for any internal or external defects that could compromise the structure, such as: cracks in the trunk or major branches; weak branch unions; dead, decaying, or broken branches; insect damage; root damage or disease; poor tree shape or leaning; and the presence of “cankers,” areas of exposed wood underneath bark that are highly susceptible to decay.
  • Using the information gathered above, the arborist calculates a hazardous rating score that takes into account both potential fall targets as well as the location and severity of defects in the tree.
  • If the hazardous score is high, the arborist determines any necessary corrective actions to prevent premature tree failure or future storm damage. Actions can range from pruning or cabling to, in extreme cases, removing the tree entirely.