Snow Removal - Commercial & Residential

Snowplowing consists of pushing snow with snow plows onto landscaped areas, outer perimeters of parking lots, or to other areas designated by the customer.

Sanding, Deicing & Sidewalk Cleanup

Our sanding and deicing services include parking lots, driveways, entrance ways using treatments such as: 7%-15% sand and salt mixture, Calcium Chloride, Ice Slicer and Rapid Thaw. Snow cleanup on sidewalks consists of shoveling, snow blowing, ice scrapping, sweeping and the application.


Ice Removal

Ice Removal

Tree Wise Men Snowplowing provides the Janesville and surrounding areas with ice removal services for commercial and residential properties including ice chopping, scrapping, clearing away and the mitigation of icy buildup in gutters and on streets, driveways and parking lots.